Policy Documents

Disability Shooting Great Britain (DSGB) is fully committed to the duty of care to safeguard children and adults and to promote the welfare of all our stakeholders from being unlawfully discriminated against for any reason. DSGB is also fully committed to promote inclusion for all the Protected Characteristics.

DSGB is committed to:

  • Making the welfare of children paramount.
  • Enabling everyone whatever their age, culture, disability, gender, language, racial origin, religious belief and/or sexual identity to participate in DSGB organised activities in an inclusive and safe environment 
  • Taking all reasonable steps to protect children and adults from harm, discrimination and degrading treatment and to respect their rights, wishes and feelings 
  • Taking seriously all concerns and allegations of poor practice or abuse and responding swiftly and appropriately to them in accordance with current policies and procedures 
  • Ensuring that all DSGB employees and consultants who work with children and vulnerable adults are appropriate for their role and responsibilities and are provided with relevant training 
  • Recognising that children, adults and families from minority group backgrounds may face additional barriers to accessing help and reporting concerns in respect of safeguarding issues

The person with responsibility for safeguarding is James Marsh-Brown jamesmarshbrown@gmail.com

Customer Charter

Health & Safety Policy

Equality Policy

Safeguarding Children Policy

Safeguarding Adults Policy

Standards of Conduct

Bullying and Harassment Policy

Gender Reassignment Policy

Whistleblowing Policy

Grievance Procedure

Safeguarding training

Safeguarding training is available for all roles.

For more information on safeguarding training see https://thecpsu.org.uk/training-events/choose-the-right-training/

The basic safeguarding training is the Safeguarding and Protecting Children course, run by sportscoach UK.  Click on this link for information: http://www.sportscoachuk.org/site-tools/workshops/about-our-workshops/safeguarding-and-protecting-children

For those with safeguarding roles, such as shooting grounds/clubs/coaches/team managers, etc, there is also the Time To Listen training, developed by the CPSU and delivered by County Sports Partnerships.  Attached is a list supplied by the CPSU of County Sports Partnerships who run Time to Listen Courses. You need to have completed the Safeguarding and Protecting Children training prior to the Time to Listen course.

The organisations in the this file can deliver Club time to listen training.