Matt Skelhon (pictured) won Silver in the R3 (10m air rifle prone mixed SH1) event as the first events of the Paralympic Qualifier got underway.

Lorraine Lambert won R8 (50m rifle 3 position women SH1) Bronze but narrowly missed out on a quota place

There were also medals for the R2 (10m Air Rifle Standing Women SH1) team of Karen Butler, Deanna Coates and Lorraine Lambert who took silver R4 team of James Bevis, Ryan Cockbill and Tim Jeffery who won Bronze.

All the positions of GB athletes who have competed thus far are shown below. The qualification position is shown first followed by the finals position in brackets.

R1 (10m Air Rifle Standing Men SH1)
Owen Burke 12th

R2 (10m Air Rifle Standing Women SH1)
Karen Butler 7th (8th)
Lorraine Lambert 12th
Deanna Coates 15th

R3 (10m Air Rifle Prone Mixed SH1)
Matt Skelhon 1st (2nd)
Owen Burke 21st
Lorraine Lambert 27th
Ben Jesson 36th

R4 (10m Air Rifle Standing Mixed SH2)
Ryan Cockbill 22nd
Tim Jeffery 23rd
James Bevis 29th

R5 (10m Air Rifle Prone Mixed SH2)
14th July

R6 (50m Rifle Prone Mixed SH1)
13th July

R7 (50m Rifle 3 Positions Men SH1)
Owen Burke 17th

R8 (50m Rifle 3 Positions Women SH1)
Lorraine Lambert 8th (3rd)
Karen Butler 9th

R9 (50m Rifle Prone Mixed SH2 - not a Paralympic event)
13th July

P1 (10m Air Pistol Men SH1)
13th July

P2 (10m Air Pistol Women SH1)
Issy Bailey 11th

P3 (25m Pistol Mixed SH1)
Stewart Nangle 18th (precision) 20th (rapid fire)

P4 (50m Pistol Mixed SH1)
14th July

P5 (10m Air Pistol Standard SH1 - not a Paralympic event)
Issy Bailey 16th